Monday, July 7, 2008


It was an extremely hot afternoon. The whether was hot, the air-con in the office was not functioning. Wonder what were the people in maintenance doing. It gave us an excuse to run far far away from the office for our lunch time. And it was this place where we decided to have our lunch, of course was an air-conditioned shop. The concept for the food here is emphasized on healthy Shanghai andVietnam food.

Me n FCOE order this sweet potato noodle in chicken broth蕃薯面 . It looks like a normal soup noodle with all those meat and vegetable, and of course the chicken soup, unlike the ajinomoto soup, taste like the real chicken broth.

I would like to give a credit to this crystal clear translucent and smooth sweet potato noodle. This is the first time i try this kind of noodle. Actually, it's origin from China. Low carbohydrate, low fat, contain Vitamin A & C, calcium and some other mineral elements, this is what they claimed.

This was the healthy drink that i'd ordered, carrot juice with colostrum 萝卜初乳汁. Very healthy right?! Guess how many cows sacrifice their first milk into this glass of carrot juice. Again, it contains all those essential nutrients e.g. high in carbohydates, protein, antibodies and low fat. Good for general immunity and physical strength.

This Shanghai food ordered by motormouth, hot and spicy fried rice cake炒年糕. It's the white colour traditional type of rice cake.

Ordered by the beef-lover,KYT was this vietnamese beef noodles,named as pho in vietnam language. It is served as a bowl of white rice noodles in clear beef broth, adding with thin cuts of beef. There's an additional separated plate with ingredients such as green onions, white onions, coriander leaves (cilantro), ngò gai (culantro, or long coriander), Thai basil, lemon, lime wedges and bean sprouts.

It was a healthy afternoon for all of us. Back to work again in that place where the air-conditioner were all 'mal-function'.


chiew_ang said...

wei.. so healthy ar?? healthy afternoon, healthy lunch... hehe.. yeah, should take some healthy food la.. wei,1st time heard about sweet potato noodles.. look yummy.. wondering how's the taste of the carrot juice with colostrum. so creative!! wanna try la.. so healthy!! hehe.. har?? motormouth juz took rice cake?? so little!! enuf for his portion?? hahahaha... beef noodles.. NO comments.. =P how's the price anyway? muz be a bit pricey rite? where is the shop anyway? :)

Min said...

Hey, I want to try out this healthy food, hehe, where is this place ya?

J2Kfm said...

wei! FOOD POST! =P
you beat me to it ... shucks ...
anyway you want the address and name of the shop? the receipt's with me I think.

Kca : the serving generous one la! and the price reasonable too.

SuwEi said...

kca: Dun look down at the fried rice cake, it's quite filing.:P

min: The name of the shop is Essence Plus, same row with Mah Bou , opposite Sincero near tesco. Should go for a try.

J2kfm: I can't beat ur food blog, never. Haha!

FCOE said...

su wei!!s proud of u~!heheh finally ther's topic on food..yummy..yup..i still remember ,we were the only bunch of eaters in this place..the lady must be so grateful to god..hahaha that day we ate so much!
kca we all go there again la okie..want u to try some weird drink and see got effect on u or not;)haahah